Week 5: My Closet


Week 5: My Closet

This week I put my energy and time to purging my closet. My closet had become my dumping ground. I would just throw my clothes on the floor. I had a mixture of clothes that fit, clothes that did not fit, maternity clothes, purses, bags, etc. Sliding the door open was becoming a struggle. So it had to be done. I could not put off going through my closet any longer. My goal was simple. All I wanted was to be able to see the floor of my humble closet, organize my clothes, and get rid of anything that did not belong.

I ended up with three piles: keep, donate, and throw away. I went through everything in my closet and put the item in one of the piles. Everything I was keeping, I ended up organizing in my closet. Everything that needed to get hung up either went with tops or dresses. I had four bins that went on my first shelf in my closet. The first bin has all my jeans, the second bin has all my bathing suits, the third bin has all my scarves, and the fourth bin has all my skirts. My top shelf has two large container bins that I put seasonal items in. On the floor I have a shoe organizer, my wedding gown tucked in the corner, and another bin. In the bin next to my shoe organizer, I plan on storing clothes that I wear but do not want to wash yet.

On everything that I decided to get rid of, I am either trying to resale the items or I will donate them. Mercari or Poshmark is my preferred method for reselling. They are both pretty easy to figure out and a good way to try to make a few extra dollars. If I do not sell an item in so long though, I will end up donating or giving it away to someone in my community. I do not want to keep a bunch of stuff around.

On everything that was not in good condition or broken, it was tossed in the garbage.

I learned that I had a lot more clothes than I thought. I also learned that I do not wear enough of my clothes. How often do you recycle the same outfit? Do you have outfits that you wear out and outfits that you wear only at home? I know that I do! Well, guess what? All we have is today, not tomorrow. So for now on I am wearing what I want to wear. I feel good when I look good. When you feel good it shows in other ways too. That is what this purge taught me. To live in the moment and not wait for tomorrow’s outfit, wear it for today.

I hope you are having a great day! Let me know what project you are working on for the week. I would love to hear what you are doing. If you have not started to purge it is not too late. You can start anytime! If you do a little at a time then you will not be overwhelmed with doing it all at once. Remember everything you own takes up some amount of your time and energy. Are you using your time and energy to serve you or to serve your things?

The top images are before the purge. The bottom images are after the purge. ( No judging the plastic hangers :) )


The 15 unit organizer is similar to what I have in my closet . It is great for your shoes or you could even put belts and other misc items.

Storage bins are great to have! They contain your items, are easy to put things in, and give a clean and neat appearance. These bins have a nice handle to grab onto and come in many different colors.