Baby Swing

One of the things that I am loving is our baby swing. The swing is the Ingenuity Enlighten Cradling Swing and Rocker in Twinkle Teddy Grey. I got this swing back in August of 2016 for our first daughter Ava. It stood the test of time with her and now our second little girl is also enjoying the swing. Plus, the swing is holding up well with all the toddler trauma it has been enduring. Ava loves the swing just as much as when she was a baby. The swing is a little on the expensive size, averaging around one hundred eighty dollars but I feel like it was one of the best baby investments that I have made.

My favorite feature to this swing is the removable base. I love how I can have the baby in the living room on the swing and if I want to take the baby in our kitchen I can just lift the base off the swing and have her in the kitchen with me. This feature means that you do not need any additional rockers in the house, saving you space and money. The base also vibrates, which is nice, but I will say it is not super easy to put new batteries in.

On the swing, there is a bear mobile which has the option to move. There is also a mirror, so the baby can look at theirselves. You can turn on the stars and at night the mobile lights up. You can turn on music or nature sounds too. The swing has an option to hook up your phone so you can play your own music. I found the speaker to be of poor quality. Playing your music from your phone’s speaker is better than hooking your phone up to the swing.

The swing has six speeds and a timer. You can also change the direction that the baby swings in. This feature allows you to switch up your baby’s view without moving the entire swing. On the base, you can also elevate the head slightly.

The swing stand folds easily and is thin for storage. However, the stand when up is wide and takes up space. The color is neutral which I love. With wanting more than one child, I did not want to buy something geared specifically towards a boy or girl.

Last but not least, the cover on the base is not super easy to remove on and off for washing. However, there is a little bear insert that can be removed very easily.

Overall, I love this baby swing and would highly recommended it. It may be a little on the pricy side but is worth every penny. The convenience of the portable base is one of the biggest perks. If you are considering buying this swing, I hope this review helps you in the process! Enjoy!