Week 4: Ava's Closet

Ava’s Closet

So it is week four of the Purge. I cannot believe it! This week I decided to put my time and energy to purge Ava’s closet. My goal was to organize and clean out the closet so it would be more functional. I will admit I have a habit of sometimes throwing stuff in there. To my surprise it was not as bad as I thought it was. Ava’s closet is a decent size but I did not want it to be cluttered and feel crowded. I wanted to be able to see the floor when I opened the door. I did not add any organization baskets or items to the closet from what I already had. I have an awesome over the door system that I LOVE and will link below. In the closet I have two cubes stacked on each other. The top cube has a door and the bottom has a bin. I love that it hides what is in there and gives off a clean look! Plus it helps prevent Ava from going in and removing everything I have in there.

The first thing I did was remove what was in there and kind of assess what I have. I had diapers, shoes, clothes, and lots of blankets. Ava loves her blankets! I decided that I wanted the blankets to be easily accessible to grab but not where she can get in to them. I had a basket on top of the cubes and decided to use that to store her blankets. In the cube with the door, I have all her shoes that are appropriate to her size. This includes all seasons since I am assuming her feet will not grow has rapidly as before. The shoes that are too small, I am saving for Addy. I will put them in storage along with any clothes that are too small for Ava. In the bin, I have seasonal items. For example, a bathing suit, baseball cap, and gloves. I was originally going to store her bathing suits for next season but decided against it. We travel quite a bit and wanted the bathing suite to be accessible for swimming. On the floor, I have her winter shoes out. The shelves have her diapers and a personal keepsake box, along with some other miscellaneous items.

I love the over the door organizational system that we have. It was not cheap but I believe worth it. You can pick and move the pieces to fit what you need. I have an area where I can hang her towel up and also her hair bows. I have a wipes in a bin on it and her towels and washcloths in another bin. The system is very sturdy and no nails required!

In this purge, I am not really getting rid of much. Actually the only thing I am getting rid of is a diaper bag. The clothes and shoes that Ava no longer fits into, I am hoping to give to her little sister. I will put these in storage till Addy is ready to use them.

I do have extra space on my shelves and on my over the door rack. Yes, this makes me want to go out shopping and buy cute toddler things. I have to remember though that everything takes up my time and space. I want to be able to see what we have and for the items to be easily accessible. Plus buying things that I do not need will not make me happy. I could use that money for experience with my girls!

I hope that this helps inspire you to go through an area or theme in your house. To live simply is to live smart. Experiences will be remembered but not always things! Remember you are doing a great job! You got this, mama!


*This is the link to the over the door storage rack that I have. It is called the Elfa system. I believe it goes on sell at least two times a year. This system is great! They have recommendations on different storage racks or you can create your own (That is what I did). I feel like it fits to your door pretty well. The shelves are all adjustable. I seriously had to refrain myself from getting one for every closet door in my house. This is NOT an ad nor do I get any gains from this. I am simply sharing what works for my family.