Week 6: Addy's Closet

Addy’s Closet

Addy’s closet was my focus for week six of the purge. I think this will be the last closet I will do for a while. Addy’s closet is a little larger than Ava’s closet. It has become the dumping ground of clothes, toys, shoes, blankets, whatever. It lacks a lot of organizational structure. I took almost everything out and just began to go through what I had in there. I had shoes and clothes that were Ava’s but to big for Addy that I am storing away. I found a few clothes that were for Addy now, so I am glad I cleaned things out. I had a lot of hair accessories everywhere, along with wash clothes and blankets. I organized Addy’s Elfa over-the-door organizer first. I have a bin for her towels and wash clothes. I hung up all of her hair bows. I have a few empty bins but I am restraining myself from buying more. Inside her closet, I have a bin that has toys in it. I also have this two stacked drawers set. In the first drawer, is keep sake items and the second drawer has blankets. The first shelf in the closet has diapers and bedding. The second shelf has a car seat cover and some random items.

I did not really have anything to give away or donate. I did throwout a bunch of hangers and bags. I love being able to open both girls’ closet and everything is neat and in order. It doesn’t take much to keep things in order when you do not have a ton of stuff that serves you no purpose. Actually having more stuff takes up more time and energy than having fewer items arranged in order.

If there is an area that you are avoiding purging, it probably means that you really need to do it! If you are struggling please reach out via email and I will offer some words of encouragement or ideas of help. You can do this! You can break free from all of the stuff you have and live a more simple and stress free life! You got this!

Yikes! It is amazing how fast things can pile up.

ahhh…Now I can finally see what is in there!


** This is a link to the over the door storage system I have.

Drawers are great for storing items and keeping them hiding from little fingers. :)