Week 1- Kids Books

For the first week of the purge, I decided to go through the kids books. This week looks pretty busy for us and we are still recovering from a wedding over the weekend. This project was something doable and will not be too overwhelming to accomplish. 

Ava loves to be read to. Some of her favorite books are Goodnight Moon, Wherever You Are,

I try to buy the kids one book for the holidays and birthdays. We also have been lucky enough to be able to add to our collection by families and friends. While I love reading to the kids and want them to be interested in books, it can be very easy to accumulate too many books. 

My goal is to have books that the kids really enjoy. I want to have books in their bedrooms and just a few books in the living room. 

I will keep the books that the kids love and are in at least fair condition.  I know that sticky fingers have turned some pages a few times so several books have some pages that are stuck together or ripped.  If the books are repairable and is a book that the kids love, then I will keep it.  If the book is beyond repair, then it has gots to go! 

Books that the kids are not really interested in or is not age appropriate will go to new homes.  There are several options on what to do with the books.  

The first option is to drop off the books at school. Our local schools have a program where you can drop off your books and then pick another book to take home. There are these cute little boxes in front of the elementary, middle, and high schools.  You can put a book or two in there and if you see one that you like, you can take it home.  This is such a great idea.  If your school does not have this program, you could definitely suggest it!

The second option is donating to thrift stores, such as Good Will.  I will probably choose this option if no one wants the book and I have to make a trip there. 

The third option is to give away the books to someone in your community via Facebook. Communities all over have Facebook pages where the idea is to give away things that you may no longer need to someone else in our community for free.  I know that I have gotten several books this way and definitely want to give back. 

Books that are beyond repair will be tossed.  If possible I will recycle but this is not always an option due to the glue on the books.  

There are many other ways to get rid of your books either by donating or selling them.  You can find a fountain of information on how and where to donate or sell your kids books.  Books are fantastic and should be shared.  Books are a great way to learn, grow, explore, and dream. 

What are some of your favorite kids books? 

All the books I collected of the girls.

All the books I collected of the girls.

The books I kept for the girls

The books I kept for the girls

The books to the left are books that we donated. The books to the right I kept for the girls. The books standing up are some of Ava’s favorite books to listen to.

The books to the left are books that we donated. The books to the right I kept for the girls. The books standing up are some of Ava’s favorite books to listen to.


The Purge of 2018

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to The Purge of 2018.


The Purge is a weekly challenge that will go from Oct 1st to December 31st.

The hope is to get your life organized and decluttered so that when January 1st rolls around you can really focus on YOU!

Each week a space, theme, or area will be cleaned out, organized, and any unnecessary items will be purged.

The weekly purge can be as big or little as possible. You just want it to be doable in a one week time frame. For example, you don’t want to purge your whole bedroom if you have a lot on your plate. Instead maybe break it up into your closet one week and your drawers the next. You want to set yourself up for success so you will continue the challenge. Remember YOU CAN DO IT!!

I will be posting on Instastories every Monday what my goal is for the week and Sunday given an update on my progress.

I will also be writing every week in my blog along with pictures/videos about my experience. I will share any tips I learn along the way.

Ideas of areas to purge: purse, toys, junk drawer, closets, under the sink, kitchen cupboards, under the bed, office, computer, living room, medicine cabinet, mudroom, garage, nightstand.

I would love to hear from you along the way! Please share any pictures or ideas.