Week 2: Dresser Drawers

Week 2:Dresser Drawers

I have been dreading cleaning out my dresser but figured I should get to it sooner rather than later due to the large amount of clothes piling up on top. My dresser has six drawers and pretty much still have everything separated as I did previously with 2 drawers that were changed.

The first thing I did was go through and empty the drawers one by one. I went through each item and put the clothes into the appropriate pile. The piles I had was clothes to be thrown out, clothes to donate/sell, clothes to store, and clothes to keep. The clothes that were to be thrown out were clothes that were stained, had any holes, or were really worn. The clothes that I will donate/sell were clothes that were in good condition but either did not fit me or I did not like the item anymore. The clothes to store were my maternity clothes or out of season items. I am not convinced that we are done with having babies so I am keeping my maternity clothes. They are pretty neutral items, so I know I would wear them again. Maternity wear can be pretty expensive too. The clothes to keep were clothes that I would continue to be wearing during the colder months.

So once I dealing with only the clothes that I was keeping, I started to sort them out to which drawer I would be placing them in. I did purchase these awesome drawer dividers from amazon and will have a link in this post. I ended up ordering two more sets of 4 to use for the girls dresser and to finish mine. I felt like these were huge in helping me with keeping the clothes organized and not getting all thrown together again. We will see if this last. :)

My first drawer on my dresser I separated into bras, underwear, and socks. I used two dividers, so I would have three rows to place each category in.

My second drawer is for my tank tops and pajama’s. I used one divider. My pajama’s are not separated into tops and bottoms but I may do that once my new dividers come.

My third drawers is where all my short sleeved to three quarter sleeved tops are. I had to use two dividers and I will admit that things are pretty packed. The dividers are a huge benefit because I feel like I was able to get more tops in the drawers. I am not quite sure that is a good thing though lol.

My fourth drawer has all of my pants but this excludes my jeans. My jeans I keep in my closet. In this drawer, I have sweatpants and leggings.

My fifth drawer has all my workout clothes. I have been really trying to workout at least every day that I am not working at work, so this sets me up for success. I used one divider and have my tops on one side and bottoms on the other side. I might use a second divider to break up my tops a little more. I am excited about this drawer because anything that makes it easier for me to get my workout in is a plus.

My sixth drawer has my long sleeved tops and sweatshirts. I might change this a bit and keep my sweatshirts in my closet and space out some more of my short sleeved tops. I have not decided yet.

The purge this week was a struggle. I had a busy week and kept putting the project off probably due to knowing how overwhelming it would be. I am going to see if I start wearing some of the tops I kept and if not, I will probably end of selling those items or donating them. I feel like I am in a major phase of transition with my clothes because I am nursing and also trying to lose weight. My sizes and what feels good are changing. I know that space is a bit tighter in my drawers because of this. I ended up donating/selling about one dresser full of clothes. I gotta remember that is a lot better than not doing anything at all.

I hope this helps and inspires you to purge an area of your life. If you are avoiding doing an area, it is probably due to some emotions that comes along with it. Remember that you can do it! Give yourself grace and time to complete the project. You will feel so glad that you did it. Remember that if you do find some extra space, fight the urge to fill it. You want to buy or collect things that you REALLY LOVE, otherwise it defeats the purpose to purge in the first place.

You are doing awesome! Please Leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you are working on!