Oh Rainy Day

Rainy days can be tough for mama’s.  It means their little ones are stuck inside and mom’s trying to figure out how to use up all that endless energy.  Rainy days can also be a good way to slow down from all the chaos of going from here to there.  We live in a society where the busier you are translates to your own success and importance. We fill every free space in our calendar with some kind of activity or event to attend.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting both mentally and physically. That is why when I see the little rain icon on the ten day weather forecast, I breathe a sigh of relief. Now I get it, not every mom is able to stay home when it rains.  Sometimes we have appointments that we must go to or plans that we can not change. But I know when I see that it is going to rain, it makes me pause and think if I have to really do what I have on my schedule.  You see running unnecessary errands while it rains with a toddler and a four-month old is pretty much like slowing waxing your eyebrows.  It is painful.  So if I do not have to do it I won’t.  Instead I use a rainy day to catch up on a few things around the house, do some personal reflection, and most importantly, figure out something fun and special to do with the kids. 

I want to share a few ideas that you can do inside while it rains that requires little to no extra special effort around the house.


1.    Do some kind of art work

There are so many different options that you can do here.  You can use a coloring book and both color together using crayons or markers.  This is a great time to practice colors with your little toddler and keep them engaged. If you do not have a coloring book available, you can just use plain paper.  They can use their imagination to scribble and practice their drawing.  You can draw items yourself and they can color in the spaces.  You can write letters and numbers and again this helps keep them engaged in the activity. Painting is also a fun activity but can get messy. Something that is less messy is you can stick them in the bathtub and give them a paint brush and they can paint with water.  You can make it really exciting and use shaving cream and food coloring for some added fun!


2.     Read Read Read

                  Sometimes when we are so busy we forget to read to our children as much as we could.  Rainy days are a good way to cuddle up together and read your little toddler’s favorite books.  You can never read too much together.


3.    Watch a favorite movie

I do not encourage sitting all day and watching TV but a rainy day is a nice treat to watch your kiddos favorite movie together.  Right now Marmaduke is Ava’s favorite movie.  When we watch it together, I try to engage her in what is going on.  This makes watching TV more educational and makes me feel like she is getting a little something out of it.  


4.     Build a fort

I feel like this is a classic inside activity.  Use what you have in your living room and get creative.  Your kids will love the interaction and play time that they get with you.  It requires them to use their imagination and motor skills building the fort together


5.    Make food

This is so good to do with your toddler especially because at the end they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  It could be something as simple as making boxed brownies or homemade cookies.  If you are not a baker, you could make a chex mix or your own trail mix.  You can have your toddler pour the ingredients in and stir everything together. It can get messy but it is so worth it at the end.  


These are just a few inexpensive ideas for what to do on those rainy days with your little ones!  If you have any great ideas or stories on what you do on rainy days with your little ones, please share below!  I would love hear them! I hope you ENJOY!!